Bowel cancer survival rates in Yorkshire are currently below the UK average and this research will use patient data to understand why. Once the reasons for these poorer outcomes have been identified, the research team wants to work with hospitals to improve practice and ensure higher bowel cancer survival rates in Yorkshire.

Why is this work needed?

There is a wide variation in bowel cancer survival rates in Yorkshire and the region has fallen behind UK and European averages. In 2012, 3,476 people were diagnosed with bowel cancer in Yorkshire and, based on the average Yorkshire one year survival rate, an estimated 2,638 patients survived one year after diagnosis in 2012. It is estimated that an extra 28 people would have survived one year after diagnosis if survival for bowel cancer in Yorkshire was as good as the UK average. It is believed that outcomes can ultimately be improved beyond the current national average.

What is happening?

This research will draw together routinely collected NHS data, as well as data given through informed consent, from across Yorkshire to identify areas of poor practice and generate targets for hospitals for local improvement. Having learned more about the current situation, the researchers then plan to work with individual hospitals through educational initiatives to promote best practice and reduce the variation in treatment.

What will the benefits be?

The ambition of the research is to improve bowel cancer treatment and care across the region, and ultimately to save an extra 150 lives every year going forward by improving routine patient care.

What type of data is involved?

The research involves Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data, cancer registry data, screening, radiotherapy and chemotherapy datasets and patient reported outcomes.

All data will be de-personalised in the Leeds institute of Data Analytics before being used by the researchers. All data will be handled under appropriate legislation, security levels and stored under secure conditions.

Who is funding and collaborating on this work?

This research is being carried out at the University of Leeds and funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Where can I go for more information?

Using health information to improve patient outcomes: Yorkshire Cancer Research

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