• New and emerging technologies

    There is considerable excitement about the potential of new and emerging digital technologies that use patient data in healthcare and research. We're looking at how these technologies use data in their development and what impacts there are likely to be in the coming years.


    Opportunities and challenges
  • Ethics and regulation

    New uses of patient data need to be ethically and responsibly regulated. We’re exploring how to address these issues and what’s needed to get the best out of digital innovations to improve health.

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  • Coming soon

    This area of the website will be updated with new information as we continue to work on these issues. For example:

    • Exploring new approaches to protecting privacy, for example through using "synthetic data";
    • How patient data could be linked to other data sources to provide greater insights into health and illness.

    These ideas are steps towards helping to provide clear, system-wide governance for new and innovative forms of data use.

    If you want to know more about what we’re doing, please contact hello@understandingpatientdata.org.uk

  • Public attitudes

    In late summer, we'll be working with the Academy of Medical Sciences to undertake some public dialogue research. The project will look at how the public, patients and clinicians view new technologies using data in healthcare, for running the health service or for research.