On 23 May 2018, NHS England awarded £7.5 million to three regions to become Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCRE). The regions awarded are: 

  • Greater Manchester
  • Wessex
  • One London

On the 27 June 2018, NHS England announced two more areas:

  • Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Thames Valley and Surrey

What is a LHCRE?

A LHCRE is a regional collaboration across health, care and local authorities to develop shared health and care records for the people in their region. Their aim is to design shared records for improving and coordinating individual care. So, regardless of where an individual is receiving care and support (at their GP, hospital, community hospital or even at home), the health and care professionals looking after them can access the right information, at the right time.  

Why do we need LHCRE?

There are already many local integrated health and care records across England (eg the Dorset Care Record and Leeds Care Record) but, while creating better joined up care for hundreds of thousands of people, they are being designed and delivered independently of each other. The lack of common standards means there is a danger of developing new information silos that can’t support care when an individual moves between areas, or when someone’s needs might be best served at a wider geographical level, eg at a national centre for a rare disease.

Together, the LHCRE will form the blueprints to explore how to extend local initiatives to a wider region.

What will the LHCRE do?

LHCRE will demonstrate how information can be shared safely and securely, and for what purposes, across different places of care within a region but for a large number of people (in the millions). They will come up with practical approaches to continuous patient and professional engagement and show how appropriate information sharing directly improves the quality and efficiency of care while reducing health and care inequalities.  

The primary focus of the LHCRE is to create integrated health and care records for individual care. However, the five regions are also considering how shared health and care records could be used to support purposes beyond individual care such as improving health and services through research and planning.

Find out more

You can find out more about the LHCRE here and by watching this video

Simon Eccles, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, writes about the LHCRE here.