Understanding Patient Data (UPD) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) are collaborating on a research project to learn about primary health care professionals’ views and expectations around the use of patient data.  We’re looking for a research agency to work with us, and today we’ve published the request for proposals for this work.   

A bit about this project 

This is one of the first projects of its kind and will be an exciting opportunity to develop our understanding of health care professionals' experiences and attitudes to how patient data is used. As the importance of good quality data has become even clearer during the Covid-19 pandemic, this work is both relevant and timely.  

The project is expected to run for 12 months, during which we’re planning to carry out qualitative research to understand: 

  • primary care health professionals’ views on the use of health data,  

  • whether these views represent any enablers or barriers to appropriate and timely use of high-quality data, both for the provision of care and for research and planning purposes, 

  • the impact of data initiatives on these views and barriers. 

 Our objectives are to: 

  • Test the validity of the following hypothesis: Identifying positive benefits (e.g. reduced workload, improved patient care) and minimising perceived risks (e.g. safeguarding, liability, reputation) increases primary care health professionals’ willingness to advocate for and support the use of health data. 

  • Answer the question: What are some actions that can be taken to encourage primary care health professionals to have trust in and further support the use of health data? 

  • Improve UPD and RCGP’s understanding of health professionals’ attitudes towards health data access, management, and use – including articulations of support, enablers, concerns, anxieties and blockers. 

What we’d be looking for from you 

We're looking for a research agency to carry out a review to into the use of health data by primary care health professionals. It is expected that there will be four main components to this work: 

  • Baseline assessment 

  • Interviews and analysis 

  • Presentation and sense-checking of preliminary findings to/with primary health care professionals 

  • Final outputs including a report 

We're looking for bids in the region of £50,000, excluding VAT. More details on the structure of this work and what we’re looking for from the supplier are explained in the request for proposals.  

Next steps 

If you’re interested in doing this work, please send us an expression of interest by midday on the 9th of November. Take a look at the request for proposals for full details on what we need by then and what happens next.