DeepMind Health appointed an Independent Review Panel to scrutinize their work with the NHS. The Review Panel has reviewed DeepMind Health’s data sharing agreements, privacy and security measures and product roadmaps. The findings have been published in their first annual report.

In light of the report, Nicola Perrin, Head of Understanding Patient Data, has issued the following response:

"The creation of an Independent Review Panel is an indication of DeepMind's commitment to be open to scrutiny. The Panel has clearly worked hard to demonstrate its independence and has not been afraid to ask critical questions and to challenge. Their wide-ranging report tackles important questions in a rigorous way, and sets out an agenda for further examination.

The ICO concluded this week that innovation and data protection can progress together for the benefit of patients. As new digital technologies are introduced in healthcare, there will be many challenges to address but transparency and strong public engagement will be essential to build public confidence. The Review Panel has a significant role to help develop best practice.

New uses of data have huge potential to deliver better care and the NHS will inevitably have to partner with companies to realise these opportunities. The Review Panel's proposal to examine DeepMind's business model will be very important to build understanding about the need for legitimate commercial access to data for patient benefit."