• New and emerging technologies

    There is considerable excitement about the potential of new and emerging technologies that use patient data in healthcare and research. This includes artificial intelligence technology such as machine learning, deep learning, image recognition and natural language processing. We're looking at how these technologies use data in their development and what impacts there are likely to be in the coming years.

    New technologies that use patient data
  • Ethics, governance and regulation

    New uses of patient data need good governance, and to be ethically and responsibly regulated. Explore these issues and what actions are being taken to get the best out of technologies that use patient data to improve health.  

    Ethics, governance and regulation
  • What we're working on

    • We’re exploring how the value of patient data can be realised by the health system in a way that ensures public confidence.
    • We're investigating the impact that providing information has on public confidence in patient data uses. 

    To find out more, contact us at hello@understandingpatientdata.org.uk

  • Public attitudes to new technologies

    Ensuring that new technologies are developed and deployed in ways that people are comfortable with is key to their success. Some organisations have been exploring public attitudes to new technologies.        

    We have also created two resources which bring together work exploring how people feel about the use of patient data more generally.

    Public attitudes to new technologies